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How to properly install planetary gear reducer accessories
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Step 1: Before installation, make sure that the motor and planetary gear reducer are completely non-destructive, and strictly control whether the dimensions of the parts adjacent to the motor and the reducer are centered. This refers to the dimensions and tolerances between the positioning boss and the shaft diameter of the drive motor flange and the positioning groove and the bore of the reducer flange; the dirt and burrs of the product are wiped.
Step 2: Unscrew the screw plug on the process hole on the side of the flange of the reducer, turn the input end of the reducer, align the hexagon socket screw cap with the process hole, and insert the hexagon socket to loosen the hexagon socket head cap screws.
Step 3: Hand-held drive motor, so that the keyway on the shaft is perpendicular to the input end hole of the reducer, and the drive motor shaft is inserted into the input end of the reducer. When inserting, it must be ensured that the concentricity of the two is equal and parallel to the two side flanges. If the concentricity difference or the two sides of the flange are not parallel, you must find out the reason. It is strictly forbidden to use hammering, that is, it can prevent the axial force or the radial force of the hammer from damaging the two bearings, and the device can be used to judge whether the two are matched. The method for judging the contractual heart and the flange parallel is: After the two are inserted into each other, the flanges of the two are closely attached and the loopholes are equal.
Step 4: In order to ensure that the flanges of the two flanges are evenly symmetrical, first screw the drive motor fastening screws, but do not tighten them; then gradually tighten the four fastening screws according to the diagonal position; at the end, tighten the planetary gears. Hold the screw at the input end of the reducer. Be sure to tighten the drive motor fastening screw before tightening the input shaft hole of the reducer to tighten the screw. Careful: Accurate placement between the gearbox and the machine setting equipment is similar to the accurate placement between the planetary gear reducer and the drive motor. The key is to ensure that the planetary reducer output shaft is aligned with the input shaft of the driven sector.
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